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Spectro UV-Vis RS Model UV-2500

Spectro UV-VIS RS is one of the most traditional analytical devices used in conventional laboratories which can work in the ultraviolet and visible range (200-1000nm) for quantitative and qualitative analysis. It is best suited for various fields such as clinical laboratory, biochemistry, Petrochemistry, environmental protection, quality control, and industry. The Spectro UV-VIS RS has a built-in interface RS232C to be linked to a computer or printer.

This new generation instrument is equipped with a microprocessor, to adjust 100 % T and Zero ABS, Factor and Concentration automatically. A new feature is that most of the knobs have been replaced with Soft Key, resulting in an easier to work with machine.

Spectro UV-VIS RS performs with a single beam system and 1200 line grating mirror, plus a four digit display for the direct readout of (T)ransmittance, (A)bsorbption, and (C)oncentration. Concentration will be automatically calculated. It consists of a light source, Tungsten Halogen and Deuterium lamp, Monochromator, Silicon photodiode, logarithmic amplifier, digital volt meter, D.C. stabilizer, and microprocessor.


This instrument is the realization of a long history of specialized research, design, and manufacture. It is simple in construction and high in performance. The multiple cell holder is one of the unique features of the Spectro UV-VIS RS. It is able to test, record and print four sample results immediately by built in interface RS 232C. The Spectro may save the reagents and samples by using the optional semi-micro cuvette of 1.5 ml or less to reduce waste. This unit was constructed with high reliability, durability, ease of operation, and maintenance in mind.

Easy to change light source.

Very competitive price.

Has FDA license.

RS 232 computer interface.

4 nm bandwidth.

Wide continuous wavelength.

Easy to change lamp.

Optional features

Kinetic system.

Flow through system.

Test tube cell holder.

Ability to use large cells; 20, 30, 40, 50 mm.


4 square optical cells 10mm.

2 square quartz cells 10 mm.

1 multiple cell holder.

2 filters with for accuracy test.

Dust cover.

Power supply.

Instruction manual.

3 power cables.

Small printer is available as an option. The printer does not require a computer hook up or software.


Optical system: Single beam spectrophotometer.
Wavelength range: 200-1000 nm.
Light source: Tungsten Halogen and Deiterium lamp.
Detector: Silicon photodiode.
Wavelength accuracy: 2 nm.
Wavelength reproducibility: 0.5 nm.
Spectral band pass: 4nm.
Stray light: < 0.5 % T at 360 nm.
Transmittance range: 0-100% T.
Multi cell holder: 4 cuvettes
Absorption range: 0-1.999 A.
Concentration range: 0-2000.
Photometric accuracy:

0.5 % T 0.004 A.

Monochromator: 1200 lines/grating mirror.
Noise: 0.5 %.
Transmittance reproducibility: 0.5 % T.
Power supply: 220 V 50Hz/110 V 60Hz.
Spectral dimensions: 22"(W)x14"(D)x11.5"(H)
Power supply dimensions: 14"(W)x7"(D)x7"(H) inches.
Net weight for 2 boxes: 22 kgs.