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Spectro UV-Vis Double Beam Research Spectrophotometer Model UVD-3500

Spectro UV-VIS Double Beam UVD-3500 has an excellent performance blazed holographic grating optimized and optional reflectance attachment CT-type Monochromator and reduces stray light and widen the photometric range.
Excellent baseline stability: recording photometric system and high stability.
High resolution: enhancement of full transmission and full reflection that both need for double beam optic and high energy to reduce noise and guarantee high resolution.
Accurate wavelength; Easy accessories replacement; Easy operation; Versatile application software and small beam size; micro and macro sample volume with high absorbance.

There are 2 models of Spectro UV-Vis Double Beam PC Research Spectrophotometer available:
1) Spectro UV-Vis Double Beam (Model UVD-3400) with fixed bandwidth of 2 nm.
2) Spectro UV-Vis Double Beam (Model UVD-3500) with variable bandwidth of
0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 5.0 nm. is also available.


Excellent Performance : The high- performance blazed holographic grating and the optimized CT-type Monochromator reduce stray light, and widen the photometric range.

Ideal baseline stability: Double-beam dynamic feedback ratio recording photometric system coupled with reasonably designed electric control system ensures high stability of the instrument baseline.

High resolution: The unique optic design of full-transmission and full-reflection satisfies both needs of the double beam optic and the enhancement of the light energy of instrument so as to reduce noise and guarantees high resolution.

Accurate wavelength: The automatic wavelength driving system and the automatic light source interchanging system ensures wavelength accuracy and high holistic performance of instrument.

Easy accessories replacement: the detachable structure of the sample chamber facilitates change of a wide range of optional accessories and ensures wavelength accuracy of instrument.

Easy light replacement: The open-type design of light source chamber, socket deuterium lamp and socket tungsten halogen lamp facilitates light source over replacement, simplify maintenance and reduces operation error.

Versatile Application: The application software on Windows platform offers rich operation and data processing facilities, representing to the full the fascination of modern computer technology.


4 Optical Glass Cells 10mm.

2 Quartz Cells 10mm.

1 Dust cover

1 Instruction manual

1 Power cable

1 PC cable


1) Optical System: Double Beam
- Wavelength range: 190 nm – 900 nm
- Spectral bandwidth: 2nm (UVD-3400) and 0.1, 0.2, 0.5nm, 1.0nm, 2.0nm, and 5.0 nm.(UVD-3500).
- Stray Light: 0.015%T (220nm & 340 nm)
- Wavelength accuracy: ±0.3 nm (automatic correction)
- Wavelength Reproducibility: 0.1 nm
2) Photometric System: The double-beam ratio recording system.
- Optical System: The Monochromator of Czerny-Turner configuration with high-resolution diffraction holographic grating.
- Photometric Method: Transmittance, absorbance, reflectance, energy, concentration.
- Photometric Range: -4.0 ~ 4.0 Abs
- Photometric Accuracy: ±0.3%T(0~100%T) ±0.002Abs(0~0.5 Abs) ± 0.004Abs(0.5~1.0 Abs)
- Photometric Reproducibility: 0.001Abs(0~0.5 Abs)
- Baseline flatness: ±0.001Abs
- Baseline stability: 0.0004Abs/h (500nm, after preheating)
- Absorbance Range: -9.999 to 9.999 ABS
- Continuously variable spectral bandwidth from: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 5.0 nm.
-Scanning Speed: 1000 nm/min
-Interface Card: PC Compatible
-Detector: High sensitivity R928 multiplier detector.
-Photometric Display: Unlimited
-Photometric Noise: <±0.0003 Abs (500nm, 0Abs, 2nm Bandwidth)
-Slew rate of wavelength: 2400nm/min
3) DNA/RND Measurement:
- Results Printout.
4) Mainframe: Compact and standalone spectrophotometer mainframe
- Light Source: Socket Deuterium Lamp and Socket Tungsten Halogen Lamp.
- Sample Chamber: With accessories like two-cell sample holder and optional integrating sphere.
- Size: 587mm. x 562mm. x 260mm.
- Weight: 34 Kg.

Software Specifications

Such operations as photometry measurement, spectrum measurement, quantitation measurement and kinetic measurement are offered in UV-Win Windows applications.

Multi-wavelengths photometric measurement at up to 10 wavelengths with the arithmetic calculation according to the user-entered formula.

Up to 10 spectra and time-course curves can be measured and recalled in memory with data-handling of arithmetic calculation, logarithmic calculation, reciprocal calculation, smooth, derivate (1st ~ 4th), Abs to/from %T conversion and peak pick.

Up to 24 standards can be entered and measured for the fit of calibration curve with order to 1st ~ 4th. Offered are the quantitation methods of single wavelength, two-wavelength, coefficient two-wavelength, three wavelength and 1st ~ 4th derivatives.

Kinetic measurement can monitor the changes of absorbance and transmittance against time course at 10 different wavelengths. This module allows flexibility in manipulation and data display.

With the Windows clipboard, the measured data and graphics can be copied to other applications software for reports. Also offered are filing functions, display functions, and others (such as auto file and repeat measure/scan etc.).

Performance—Perfectly designed high-performance spectrophotometer.

Light Source: Socket deuterium lamp an socket tungsten halogen lamp for easy replacement
Detector: Photomultiplier tube
Sample Chamber: With accessories like four-cell sample holder and an integrating sphere.
Size: 587mm x 563 mm x 260 mm
Weight: 34 kg.